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Filter Washer and Presser

Tend equipment that clean and reshape cottons, silks, or woodpulps.

What does a Filter Washer and Presser do?

Tends equipment that cleans and reshapes cotton, silk, or woodpulp used as filtering material in filter press to filter liquids, such as alcoholic beverages, gelatin, and glue: Removes dirty filter cakes from filter press, using handtools. Transfers filter cakes from filter press, using handtruck, and drops filter cakes into prebreaker machine that reduces filter cakes to loose, wet pulp. Pumps wet pulp to washing machine. Opens valves to admit and circulate water or steam in washer. Opens screen-covered drain in bottom of washer and continues washing pulp until drain-water runs clear. Pumps clean pulp to storage tank. Opens valve to move pulp from storage tank into hydraulic press. Starts hydraulic press that squeezes water from pulp and forms pulp into filter cake. Removes clean filter cake from hydraulic press, and transfers clean filter cake to filter press, using handtruck. Washes filter press plates, using hose and hot water. Installs filter cake into filter press, using handtools.