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Filter Press Operator

Tend filter plate presses that remove impurities or moisture from slurries.

What does a Filter Press Operator do?

Tends filter plate press that removes impurities or moisture from slurries and chemical solution: Covers filter plates with cloth, canvas, or paper. Opens valve to admit liquid ingredients into tank, dumps specified dry ingredients into tank, and starts agitator to mix ingredients and form slurry. Starts pump to transfer slurry from mixing tank to filter plate press. Opens pressure valves to force slurry through plates to remove impurities and moisture. Turns gear wheel to release tension of plates at completion of cycle. When filtering to obtain liquid product, dislodges solid material from plates and cleans frames, screens, and filters, using scraper, steam, or compressed airhose. When filtering to obtain solid product, cuts mixture from frames with knife and loads materials on drying trays. May draw samples for laboratory analysis. May be designated according to product filtered as Pigment Presser; Plate-and-Frame-Filter Operator; Resin Filterer; Varnish Filterer II.