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Direct or produce movies.

What does a Filmmaker do?

A filmmaker manages the whole production process through a series of steps. In the beginning, you make sure you have the perfect script for your movie. It can either be written by you or by a screenwriter. Filmmakers make an estimate of the budget, taking into consideration the cost related to renting of equipment, studio rents, and paying the actors and crew. Once the budgeting is ready, you arrange for the cast, and this includes holding auditions and deciding who plays what role. Filmmakers are responsible for hiring the camera crew, choreographers, makeup artists, editors, stunt people, and film scorers, and they will all be under your supervision. During pre-production, you make sure that everything is in order – props are purchased, rehearsals are held, and a shooting schedule is in place. During production, the movie sequence is shot. During post-production, you edit the raw footage and add audio and other musical effects. During the film release, you concentrate on the marketing of the film.

Most filmmakers hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in film, drama, or theater. You need good organizational and communication skills, the ability to motivate others, and strong decision-making skills. Time and budget management are also required.

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