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Film Title Designer



Use your knowledge of fonts and colors to design movie titles.

What does a Film Title Designer do?

On a basic level, a film title provides the name of the movie, along with the names of the Actors, the Director, the Producer, and other staff members. A title can help viewers make sure they’re watching the movie they actually intended to see. It can also help set the stage for a film through its use of color, images, music, and font. A Film Title Designer creates this small work of art.

As a Film Title Designer, you’re called in to do your work when the production is near completion. The Director may give you a copy of the film as it currently stands, or a set of photographs and the script. Once you have these materials, you begin to study and brainstorm, pulling together ideas about colors, images, and fonts.

When you’re ready, you schedule a meeting with the film’s Director and Producer. In the meeting, you wow them with your ideas and, together, you tweak those ideas and come up with a firm path towards the project’s completion.

In your studio, you begin work. You choose a font for the titles and determine what sorts of images you’ll use. Sometimes, you generate the titles on your computer using stock photography or animation. Other times, you splice together pieces of the film with blocks of color.

When you’re done, you send the titles to the Producer and Director for approval. Often, you must revise your design based on their feedback. As a Film Title Designer, you fight for the ideas you believe in, but you’re quick to make needed revisions to keep the clients happy.

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