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Film Studies Professor

Teach university students about films studies.

What does a Film Studies Professor do?

As a Film Studies Professor, you educate college-level students on the art of filmmaking as well as the analysis of narrative, documentary, and other types of cinema. Just as Literature Professors read novels, Film Studies Professors “read” movies and film for themes and ideas.

If you obsess over the technique of Hitchcock or the hidden meanings in the films of the Coen brothers, a job as a Film Studies Professor could be perfect for you. Even if you’re not interested in directing films, perhaps the reflection of culture in movies piques your curiosity. If that’s the case, this recently accepted academic field could be calling your name.

As a Professor, you spend most of your time teaching in a classroom. However, unlike other college courses, there’s far less lecturing in your curriculum. Instead, you show films and video clips.

You present new interpretations to movies your students have seen, both while watching and during discussions afterward. Students may falsely assume that your class is easy, but you assign papers and expect articulate analysis like all other Professors.

It’s not all fun and games—or rather movies—however. Your university expects you, as an academic, to publish research. Not only do you critique films, but your analysis of documentaries, TV, and other forms of media is also at the cutting edge of media studies. It’s your job to convert this budding area of study into a respected academic field by publishing articles in journals.

In addition, universities have various expectations outside of the classroom. You’re required to hold a certain number of office hours—allotted times that students can seek your help. Your department also has weekly or biweekly meetings, and the university may even call on you to serve on committees. Don’t worry, though; you’re first and foremost a movie lover with a passion for education.