Film Shoot Security Guard

Protect the safety of movie stars and film set from intruders.

What does a Film Shoot Security Guard do?

During a film shoot, an artificial, highly scripted world is created. A Film Shoot Security Guard makes sure that nothing intrudes to disturb this world, and that the stars of the film remain safe and protected from their overly affectionate fans.

As a Film Shoot Security Guard, you may carry a weapon, but this isn’t always necessary. Some companies don’t allow you to carry a weapon at all. Often, your uniform and tough expression are all that’s necessary to deter people from disturbing the scene. If they know that you’re on the job and you’re prepared to protect the shoot, they may choose to behave rather than incur your wrath.

Your job involves a lot of standing in place, as a sort of physical barrier. You may be asked to check people’s passes to make sure they’re allowed on the set. You’re always on the lookout for people who may interfere with the shoot. You place a heavy emphasis on prevention rather than punishment, because you’ll have a lot less paperwork to fill out if you prevent a problem from occurring.

If people misbehave, you notify the police. It’s important, however, to note that you’re not a member of the police force.

In most states, a Film Shoot Security Guard cannot arrest anyone. In other states, you can arrest people, but you must then turn them over to the police. In all states, you should expect to fill out a police incident report at the end of an exciting episode culminating in an arrest.