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Film Production Secretary

Perform clerical tasks on a film set.

What does a Film Production Secretary do?

As a Film Production Secretary you will be an assistant to the Film Production Manager or Film Production Coordinator, completing the tasks they assign you. You’ll get to work with some cool and important people in the film industry, so a position as a Film Production Secretary is a great stepping stone to help you work up to the position of Producer or the like. And you get to meet celebrities.

You’re mainly responsible for administrative and clerical duties, and occasionally being a gopher if that’s what’s asked of you. Being a Film Production Secretary is kind of like being a typical Office Secretary, except that a film set is nuts, everything needs to have been two days ago, and people in offices don’t typically throw temper tantrums. You may have multiple people you’re working for, or you might be a direct assistant to one person.

Either way, filing, faxing, and phone calls are most definitely in your future. You’ll be responsible for important documents like contracts and script changes, and you might work in an office, or in your car, running from location to location.

You should be very hardworking, organized, and efficient. The Producers you work for will look to you to keep their heads screwed on straight when everything seems to be going absolutely nuts.