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Film Production Manager



Make sure film productions are completed on time and within budget.

What does a Film Production Manager do?

Film Production Managers help determine efficient and economical ways to get through the hectic production of a movie. Your tasks as a Film Production Manager include scheduling shoots, negotiating business deals for the crews, pinning down locations and equipment, and making production simply run as smoothly as possible. In other words you’re the general catch-all on set, helping smooth and expedite all possible processes.

For a Film Production Manager position, you’ll need to be a really good communicator, work sometimes weird/long hours, and deal with deadlines and lots of pressure to make things perfect. You’ll also have to pitch in wherever needed, covering the bases for many different positions, running back and forth between the sets and your office.

Although these tasks are all over the place, they add up to making sure that the budget is met, and timelines are reached with as few hitches as possible. You should have some managing experience before you tackle a job this big, and you get bonus points if you have a lot of patience.

One aspect of this position can be both positive and negative to the extreme: the people you work with. Because you are a professional coordinator for some professional divas, you will be working with some difficult personalities. But as trying as it may seem to make sure everyone is happy, it’s very rewarding to see the fruits of all that labor up on a big screen for all to see.

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