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Film Production Coordinator



Book hotels, double check props are transported and actors are happy.

What does a Film Production Coordinator do?

A Film Production Coordinator is the Ringmaster of the circus that is a film set. As a Film Production Coordinator, you work with everyone, from Producers to Grips, to make sure everything gets done, all loose ends are tied up, and the production can roll along without leaving any major pieces behind.

In a Film Production Coordinator position, you’ll do it all, from booking hotel rooms for the cast and crew to making sure that the set and props are where they should be when they should be there, to making sure that the set’s resident diva has the correct color of M&M’s in her dressing room. And you work between all of these elements to make sure that they happen at the right time in the right place, minimizing lost time and expense.

To pull all this off you need a blend of administrative, organizational, and crisis management abilities, as it’s your job to lead all departments smoothly to a collaborative final project.

This makes your job somewhat of a juggling act. You must keep track of everything, everyone, and even everywhere, to make sure that no one ball hits the ground. Have you ever wondered how those big movie sets with giant explosions and even larger stars manage to get it all together? It’s the Production Coordinator that makes it all go off without a hitch.

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