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Film Producer



Be involved in each step of a film's production and distribution.

What does a Film Producer do?

A Film Producer is the only person who’s involved in every stage of the movie making process—from choosing the script to paying the bills. To become a good Film Producer, you need many skills (e.g., investment knowledge, people skills, industry contacts, etc.), but you also need confidence, and a lot of it. Starting a film project is a massive task and it will only happen if you, and the people working and financing you, believe that you can pull it all together.

Your day to day as a Film Producer varies depending on the production schedule. In the beginning you will choose a script, pitch your ideas to investors, and negotiate contracts to bring on your top staff of Film Directors and Film Co-Producers. Once the ball is rolling you arrange distribution deals, monitor the finances, create advertising and marketing buzz, and generally serve as the most authoritative problem solver on set.

So you are the lead executive behind a film production. To reach this level you must be a wheeler and dealer: You need to hammer out distribution deals, schmooze your way into the hearts of financiers, and develop good relationships with potential partners. What makes this such an awesome job is that you have your fingers in all sorts of pies and complete freedom in how you want to bring your movie together. Because if you can make it happen, there is no one above you to say no.

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