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Film Printer



Set up and operate motion picture film printing machines.

What does a Film Printer do?

Sets up and operates motion picture film printing machine to produce positive images and soundtrack from negative film: Reads work orders to determine type film to be printed and type printing aperture required. Installs specified printing aperture in machine. Mounts rolls of positive and negative film on machine spindles and threads film through guide rollers, tension bars, picture and sound apertures and onto winding reel to synchronize negative and positive films for printing. Starts machine to pass films through printing apertures and produce positive images and soundtrack. Examines film passing through machine and turns lever of rheostat to adjust intensity of printing light according to control card specifications, or installs punched tape in machine that controls light and color densities during printing operation. Packages films in labeled containers subsequent to printing. May operate printer equipped with negative viewer and evaluate scene frames to select frames with specified photographic characteristics preparatory to printing.

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