Film Makeup Artist

Alter the looks of Actors through makeup or prosthetics.

What does a Film Makeup Artist do?

A good movie can consume the senses. The set design, the musical score, the costumes, the acting, and, of course, the detailed makeup of the Actors all contribute to the perfect movie experience.

Makeup is a crucial component of the production. It changes the appearance of a character, creates a skin glow, or delivers a realistic picture of a mythical creature. And all this happens because of you, the Film Makeup Artist.

As a Film Makeup Artist, you apply makeup to all the Actors on the set. You take into consideration such things as eye shape, skin tone, and other features to decide on the best technique. Certain colors of eye shadow accentuate certain eye colors, for example. Through your expertise, an Actor’s large nose can be made to look smaller.

Not only do you accentuate features or conceal flaws, but you also apply prosthetics and wigs, perhaps to make ears larger or to emphasize a fake scar. It all depends on what the script calls for.

If the character ages during the movie, you work to gradually increase the amount of skin sags and wrinkles. You also consider studio factors, such as temperature and lighting. Your goal as a Film Makeup Artist is to make the character look so believable that the audience never thinks about questioning how Brad Pitt could age 50 years during a three-month shoot.

In addition to human faces, you also create all manners of creatures. You use makeup to turn an Actor into a werewolf, or prepare a fairy for her daily screen time. Half art and half craft, this job is an ever-changing opportunity to showcase your skills on the big screen.