Film Laboratory Technician I

Evaluate motion picture films.

What does a Film Laboratory Technician I do?

Evaluates motion picture film to determine characteristics, such as sensitivity to light, density, and exposure time required for printing, using sensitometer, densitometer, and timer lights: Threads film strip through sensitometer, exposes film to light, and reads gauges to determine film’s sensitivity to light. Threads film strip through densitometer and exposes film to light to determine density of film. Computes amount of light intensity needed to compensate for density of film, using standardized formulas. Exposes film strip to progressively timed lights to compare effects of various exposure times. Examines developed film strip to determine optimal exposure time and light intensity required for printing. Records test data and routes to FILM DEVELOPER and FILM PRINTER. May be designated according to specialty as Densitometrist; Sensitometrist; Timer.