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Film Gang Boss

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Oversee construction projects or erect neat props on movie sets.

What does a Film Gang Boss do?

Though the title might make you think of someone who breaks bones and makes people a deal they can’t refuse, in reality, a Gang Boss on a film set is more of a Project Manager. As a Gang Boss, you work with the construction crew of a movie, making sure everything on the set gets built exactly the way it should.

What’s an average day like?

A Gang Boss (also known as a film Construction Foreman) is like a Construction Supervisor of a building or bridge: You keep everyone and everything in line.

Each day, you read and explain blueprints, make sure materials are delivered on time, and give instructions on different building techniques. While they work, you also keep your construction crew motivated and on task, making sure the work is completed correctly and on time.

To do this job well, you need to know how construction and a film set works. You also need some impressive communication skills, as you collaborate a lot with the Director and Art Director of your movie. Before filming starts, you discuss set design to find out what’s needed, make suggestions, and figure out how to make it happen. Once you know what’s expected, you then hire your crew and get to work.

Why does this job matter?

During construction, you’re the one in charge of all things construction. If a last-minute change is needed, you’re often the one to make the call, deciding on things like paint color for a new wall or the design of a suddenly needed hallway. Without you, construction could slow down or stop altogether!

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