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Film Executive Producer



Oversee all movie business and production from start to finish.

What does a Film Executive Producer do?

A Film Executive Producer is in charge of a film coming into existence – whether that’s through financial backing or doing anything and everything that’s not done by the Actor and crew. That’s a lot of stuff to take care of, and each Film Executive Producer has their own style- you can take more of a behind-the-scenes role, or stand up and take charge of everyone and everything.

Whatever path you choose, your most important role as a Film Executive Producer is to make sure the film is completed on time and on budget (extra gold stars for ahead of time and under budget). In pursuit of this goal, you focus on the big picture, and leave all the details to your assistants and crew to take care of. This means that you’ll supervise everything from the initial development meetings to theater distribution, but leave the implementation of your decisions to other staff.

So, from beginning to end, here’s what a production might look like for you: You find the material, get a script written, develop financing, find a Director, oversee casting of the leads, hire a production team, determine shoot locations and schedule, determine a budget, keep the production on track, work as a liaison between the studio and set, review the edited footage, review the ad campaign, and offer suggestions for the final cut.

Basically, you handle all of the business, rather than the art, of filmmaking.

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