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Film Director



Drive the creative and artistic vision of a film.

What does a Film Director do?

A Film Director is the creative and artistic force behind a movie. As a Film Director, you decide the look, style, and feel of a film, which means you can turn Romeo and Juliet into a saga of polar bears who are being pulled apart by global warming if you want. As an added bonus to this artistic freedom, there are no expectations of sanity.

In other words, you are the Artist behind a film’s direction. This requires incredible vision, and some managerial inclinations. Your specific duties as a Film Director are wide ranging, and begin with overseeing the artistic choices that happen before filming—location choice, costume designs, hiring decisions and so forth.

Once filming starts you become extremely hands on. When shooting scenes, for instance, you are present to coach the Actor, adjust lighting, and rearrange props to get the perfect shot. On the whole you create a vision, then oversee the assembly of everything that gives life to your vision.

To perform this role you need to be well versed in the technical aspects of filmmaking. You will oversee the cameras, the editing, and the production, which requires you to know how everything comes together in its finalized version before a shot has been taken. You will share your vision with all Department Heads, and check off on their work to make sure it matches what you want.

To do all this you need expertise in each area of production. So expect to be around film sets for a long time before you get to sit in the Director’s chair.

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