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Film and Television Security Coordinator

Direct a team charged with keeping TV and movie sets secure.

What does a Film and Television Security Coordinator do?

A standard film or television set has a variety of tempting treats for crooks. Costumes, props, cameras, and equipment can all fetch a high price on the black market. Rabid fans may also sneak onto the site to steal a look at the Actors. Without the help of a Film and Television Security Coordinator, a set can quickly go over budget and become a disorganized mess.

When you’re a Film and Television Security Coordinator, you meet with the Transportation Coordinator before each shooting day to determine when the Actors and equipment will arrive on the set. Then, you meet with the Assistant Director and confirm what you’re required to protect on that day.

A team of Security Officers works under your command, and you dictate what they need to do each day. You ask some to provide crowd control, others to guard equipment, still others to guard the Actors, and the rest to patrol the grounds and look for intruders. During the shoot, you also do your own rounds to make sure everything is progressing according to plan.

Traffic to and from the set can be quite heavy, and accidents can derail the shooting schedule. As the Film and Television Security Coordinator, you determine how the traffic should move through the shoot, and you assign Security Officers to set up cones and barriers and wave traffic through the path you’ve outlined.

If there’s an emergency or a breach of security, your squealing cell phone alerts you and you run to the scene to help. You cannot make arrests, but you can detain people until Police Officers arrive on the scene.