Filler Operator

Run machines that fill boxes or bags with cereal, nails, or anything else.

What does a Filler Operator do?

A Filler Operator works in a food production plant, doing pretty much exactly what the job title says: fill containers. As a Filler Operator, you could work with a wide variety of foods. For example, Filler Operators might pour milk into cartons, flour into sacks, or snack foods into boxes.

You oversee the filler. At the beginning of each shift, you get a report detailing how much of the day’s production you’re responsible for. Throughout your shift, you keep track of the work you complete, any problems you see, or any other special information your Manager and Supervisor should know.

While operating the filler, you check on things like the amount being poured and the quality of the product being used. You also keep an eye on the production line, making sure the machine doesn’t fill too slowly and a pileup of empty containers happens.

After a box, bottle, or carton is filled up, it might be your job to glue or stick on a label, or this might be passed on to another production area in the factory. If something breaks or goes wrong, you either troubleshoot the problem if you can, or let the maintenance department know.

Cleanliness is big in this job. If the parts doing the pouring are dirty, your customer will end up with a dirty product. You perform periodic cleanings of the entire machine and its individual parts to make sure everything remains spotless.