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File Clerk

Collect, organize and keep your company's records in order.

What does a File Clerk do?

You know the term “office monkey”? Well, this is one of those jobs that fall into that category. As a File Clerk, you take a company’s files and put them in order. The order can be alphabetical or numerical, but they need to be clearly organized so they can be quickly found again.

File Clerks can work for pretty much any type of company, from nonprofit to corporate to government. The only thing a company needs to hire File Clerks is a lot of papers that have to be put in some sort of order. Medical offices, hospitals, and law offices are all good places to search for jobs since they have so many client and patient files that need organizing.

The job is not that complicated. Using your company’s filing system, you put letters, documents, and receipts into the proper files as they’re collected.

When an employee needs a file, you’re the one sent to pull it out and bring it to them. When they’re finished with it, you replace it in its correct spot. While you work, you make sure to keep the files together so no confidential papers fall out and no information gets lost.

Periodically, it will be your job to clear out a company’s files. You go through and remove ones that haven’t been used in a while, either destroying them or moving them to a protected storage place.