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Field Training Officer

Keep law enforcement staff trained and up-to-date on protocols.

What does a Field Training Officer do?

A Field Training Officer trains law enforcement and emergency personnel on proper protocol and their responsibilities in the field. As a Field Training Officer, you work with both new and seasoned Police Officers, Firefighters, and EMTs, keeping everyone knowledgeable and working at peak performance. It takes a lot of experience to come to this point, where you’re regarded as a figure of utmost authority on procedure, as well as a guiding hand.

More than just another Officer, a Field Training Officer is a leader. As an experienced worker, you’re the one who always knows what to do in a tough situation. Your role, therefore, requires you to mentor and guide beyond the call of duty.

Perhaps, the more difficult part of your job is retraining and updating the seasoned pros. They likely don’t want to be told what to do, but it’s your responsibility to keep them fresh and knowledgeable about their field duties.

Of course, you work regular shifts in your field of expertise as well. This means not all of your time is spent training other team members; you also have your normal duties as an Officer or EMT, for example. Even when you’re clocked out as a Counselor, though, you’re still a figure of leadership for your team.

Other responsibilities typically include leading new Officer orientations and participating in the hiring process. Naturally, you have to keep your own skills up to par, too, by attending workshops and training courses. This lets you function as an effective leader, and bring the information you learn back to your team.