Field Service Mechanic

Work on a job site to keep mechanical parts and tools running.

What does a Field Service Mechanic do?

Machines break, people fix them. If you’ve spent your whole life taking things apart and putting them back together, and looking for bigger and bigger things to take apart, then you can’t get much bigger than a Field Service Mechanic position.

Your job as a Field Service Mechanic is to go out into the field, wherever the damaged machine is. You diagnose the problem, then use a blend of your learned skills, innate sense of machines, and knack for fixing things to get it back up and running. You do it in a timely manner, too, because every minute of down time costs someone money.

Field Service Mechanics frequently operate on an on-call system, usually on rotating duty schedules. You’ll often be handled in the field by a central dispatch office. A company truck, filled with specialized tools and replacement parts, gets you to and from job sites and home base. Just think of it as your traveling toy box.

You typically work out of your truck every day. No two days or two job sites are the same. Expect a few bumps and bruises here or there, but with proper safety training, major accidents are usually pretty rare.

You’ll often be paired with a partner. When you first start working, your partner will show you the ropes and help train you. Your combined experience and skills will be needed to solve complex mechanical problems in the field.