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Field Representative



Review and evaluate program operations of social service agencies.

What does a Field Representative do?

Reviews and evaluates program operations of national or state affiliated or nonaffiliated social service agency or organization, or community group to provide assistance and services in achieving goals: Interprets standards and program goals of national or state agency to assist local boards, committees, groups, or agencies in establishing program goals and standards. Confers with community councils to advise members on matters relating to program. Evaluates capabilities of local or community agencies or groups to achieve goals, considering such factors as administration and program finances, facilities and personnel staffing, and changing community needs. Prepares reports to inform national or state agency on conditions in local agencies or organizations and developing trends in local communities. May organize or conduct training or staff development programs. May organize regional meetings. May plan or conduct studies or surveys of local agency operation. May assist communities in establishing new local affiliates or programs. May confer with field representatives of other national agencies.

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