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Field Hockey Coach



Help your players run and bat together like a goal-scoring machine.

What does a Field Hockey Coach do?

Field hockey is a game that involves running and hitting as teams chase a ball up and down the field, attempting to score goals and win games. The competition can be fierce and the rules are elaborate. However, with the help of a good Field Hockey Coach, Players can learn how the game works and how they can excel in the sport.

All great teams are made up of talented Players, and if you’re a Field Hockey Coach, that’s where you job begins. You scour newspapers, online reports, and live games to find the perfect Players to round out your roster. Alternatively, a Sports Recruiter may find these players for you. Once identified, the Athletes come to visit you, and you put them through a series of tests to make sure they’re truly up to your high standards.

When your team is assembled, you work with an Assistant Coach to develop drills, exercises, and scrimmages that help your Players improve. Field hockey involves a lot of running and batting with a stick, and it’s the job of the Field Hockey Coach to think of innovative ways to encourage Players to do that without complaining.

On game day, you develop a list of Players who will start the play, and you rotate those Players in and out as the game progresses. Yelling words of encouragement may help your team win.

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