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Field Engineer

Maintain and oversee the maintenance of a company's equipment.

What does a Field Engineer do?

No surprise here: As a field engineer, you spend most of your time out in the field. You won’t be staring at cubicle walls; rather, you’ll be moving from job site to job site. What you do at each site really depends on your specialty, but you can think of yourself as a highly skilled handyman and problem solver.

Your responsibilities and the locations you frequent as a field engineer also depends on your specialty. A field engineer might work as a supervisor at construction sites. Here, you oversee the construction of anything from shopping malls to sewage systems.

Your primary duty could also be maintenance. For example, you might travel to farms to repair machinery. Or, you might focus on medical equipment, visiting hospitals and medical centers. Your responsibilities could also include the research and testing of equipment.

And the options continue: You could work for a company that sends you out, or you could set your own schedule, working on a freelance basis. Either way, communication skills are a must. Clients expect to work directly with you, so you need to be able to articulate the problem and present the possible solutions.

Travel is likely to be a major part of your routine. Sometimes, a company vehicle is provided, but in many cases, you’re expected to find your own way around. Similarly, you may or may not be provided with the necessary tools and equipment. No matter which path you choose, your job requires an understanding of the principles of mathematics and science.