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Field Crop Farmworker I

Perform the duties to prepare fields and plants and harvest field crops.

What does a Field Crop Farmworker I do?

Performs following duties to prepare fields and plant, cultivate, and harvest field crops, such as cotton and hops: Attaches farm implements, such as disk harrow and weed cutter, to tractor, using bolts and mechanic’s handtools. Drives tractor to field and tows attached implement back and forth across field or between crop rows, manipulating levers that activate and position implement parts to till soil. Loads and drives truck to transport farm supplies and tools, such as fertilizer and pesticide chemicals, trellis poles and wires, hoes and shovels, harvested crops, and farm workers to specified locations. Drives and operates self-propelled harvest machine to harvest crop. Adds oil, gasoline, and water to appropriate tanks on machinery. Makes minor mechanical adjustments and repairs on farm machinery, paints farm structures, and replaces fence and trellis wires when weather and season preclude driving activities. May irrigate fields. May oversee work crew engaged in planting, weeding, or harvesting activities. May weigh crop-filled containers and record weights. May spray fertilizer and pesticide solutions in assigned areas.