Fiberglass Tube Molder

Tend machines that wind fabrics and cellophanes around mandrels.

What does a Fiberglass Tube Molder do?

Tends machine that winds fabric and cellophane around mandrel to form fiberglass tubes used in manufacturing articles, such as fiberglass fishing rods or golf club shafts: Moistens edge of resin impregnated fabric with alcohol stick and places edge on steel mandrel. Smooths edge of fabric onto mandrel with hot iron. Rubs iron on sandpaper and silicon treated cloth to clean iron and prevent sticking. Positions mandrel and fabric on heated rolling table. Starts machine roller plate which presses and rolls fabric onto mandrel. Attaches cellophane strip diagonally to end of mandrel and hand rolls mandrel on table to cover fabric, or clamps mandrel into machine, attaches cellophane, and starts machine to wrap cellophane around mandrel. Trims off excess cellophane, using scissors or knife. Wipes air bubbles and excess liquid from wrapped mandrel. Hangs mandrels on curing oven racks. Removes mandrel from cured tube. Places unwrapped end of mandrel through stop, clamps pulling device to end of mandrel and starts machine to pull mandrel out of cured tube. Cleans mandrels, using solvent, sandpaper, or wire brush. Coats mandrels with wax or other parting agents, using paint brush or dips mandrels in tanks. May straighten bent mandrels, using hammer or small press on level block. May be known according to task performed as Mandrel Cleaner; Mandrel Puller; Tacker; Tube Roller; Wrapper.