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Fiberglass Roving Winder

Tend machines that wind several strands of fiberglass slivers.

What does a Fiberglass Roving Winder do?

Tends machine that winds several strands of fiberglass sliver into a single strand of roving: Gathers strands of fiberglass sliver from creels to form roving, threads roving through guides, and attaches roving to takeup package or laps roving around spindle of winder to form coreless package. Starts machine and observes winding units to detect broken ends and variations in number of ends being wound into roving. Ties broken ends and notifies CREELER to increase or decrease ends according to specifications. Observes signal light to determine when package is full. Doffs full packages from machine and packs roving into shipping containers. Weighs roving and records weight on shipping list and production records. Pastes label on container and seals container, using gummed tape. Places containers onto pallet or conveyor. May creel machine [CREELER].