Fiberglass Laminator

Shape fiberglass into boats, racing chassis, and other lightweight items.

What does a Fiberglass Laminator do?

Fiberglass Laminators put together sheets of fiberglass. As a Fiberglass Laminator, you mold fiberglass to form everything from golf carts to boats.

Fiberglass is a material that includes strands of glass. These are what reinforce the material. Fiberglass is commonly used to create the hulls of boats, the sides of golf carts, and parts of small racing cars. It’s a preferred material because it’s cheaper than most, and nearly as strong.

Of course, before you can make something out of fiberglass, you first have to make the fiberglass. You do this one of two ways. Fiberglass is made of a mixture of glass, resin (strong glue), and catalysts (things that speed up chemical reactions). You can either spray a premixed solution into a mold, or hand-mix the components yourself.

Either way, once the mixture is in the mold, you smooth it out using rollers and squeegees since air bubbles make fiberglass weak. After the fiberglass dries, you remove it from the frame, and cut it to the shape you need using various power tools. Once it’s smoothed out, you paint it the desired color.

Since the products a Fiberglass Laminator uses daily are pretty toxic, safety is a big part of this job. You wear protective masks, goggles, and suits to make sure none of the glass gets on your skin and none of the resin gets in your eyes.