Fiberglass Bonding Machine Tender

Tend waxing machines that bond several strands of fiberglass yarns.

What does a Fiberglass Bonding Machine Tender do?

Tends waxing machine that bonds several strands of fiberglass yarn into single cord: Places bobbins of yarn on creel of machine and threads yarn through guides, over and under tension bars, through strip heater, wax reservoir, dies, and cooling tank, and laps end of cord around mandrel of winding machine. Places chunks of wax in melting tank and turns valve to admit melted wax into reservoir. Starts machine and observes waxing and winding process to detect broken ends. Ties ends together by hand. Dips thermometer into wax and water or reads temperature gauge on control panel to detect variations from standards. Doffs tubes of bonded cord from machine. Weighs tubes of bonded cord and packs cord in shipping containers. Records weight on labels and production records.