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Fiberglass Boat Parts Finisher

Grind, repair, and clean molded fiberglass parts.

What does a Fiberglass Boat Parts Finisher do?

Grinds, repairs, and cleans molded fiberglass parts preparatory to assembly into boats, using handtools and portable power tools: Attaches abrasive disk to grinder and grinds molded parts to remove excess fiberglass and smooth edges. Checks flange of molded parts with thickness gauge to determine if more grinding is necessary. Trims excess fiberglass extending from edge of boat hull, using chisel and mallet. Inspects parts to detect defective areas and cuts out defective areas, using chisel and mallet or portable drill. Applies putty to ground-out areas to repair surfaces, using trowel. Waxes and polishes molded parts, using buffer, paste wax and cloth. May paint repaired areas, using spray gun. May install ballast forms in boat hull, using power hoist and handtools.