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Ferry Terminal Supervisor

Run a ferry boat terminal on a tight schedule.

What does a Ferry Terminal Supervisor do?

The Ferry Terminal Supervisor gives all the orders within a busy ferry terminal. It’s the Ferry Terminal Supervisor’s responsibility to make sure that ferries leave and arrive on schedule, getting passengers where they need to go safely and efficiently. This means coordinating ferry paths, arrival and departure times, and staff schedules. If you want to be the leader in a challenging, lively marine setting, then this could be the career path for you.

Proud participants in a storied maritime tradition, Ferry Terminal Supervisors rise early to meet the day and its challenges head on. Most days are routine: The tides ebb and flow, and the ferries run on time. However, a storm on one ferry route could throw the schedule out of whack for a whole series of unrelated boats. Meanwhile, a mechanical failure on a ferry could render it powerless, leaving commuters and pleasure-seekers stranded on their craft.

As the Ferry Terminal Supervisor, you may be the only person on duty who understands the complex interrelations between all the different moving parts of your ferry operation and how they can best be used together to remedy these issues.

Your job is all about turning challenges into opportunities to excel. Working more than 40 hours every week will likely be the norm, composed of regular hours, overtime, and extra hours whenever there’s an emergency. Few passengers know how hard you work or what you do for them. But at the end of the day, when you can look back at an on-time percentage that’s high and an incident count that’s low or nonexistent, you can smile and call yourself a master of the waters.