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Ferry Pilot



Take the helm of a ferryboat on rivers, lakes and the ocean.

What does a Ferry Pilot do?

A Ferry Pilot orders the workers at the helm of a ferry to steer in and out of harbors, and along rivers, lakes, and oceans. As a Ferry Pilot, you provide a service to people who need transportation for themselves and perhaps for their vehicles as well.

Because of this, the most important aspects of your work as a Ferry Pilot are timeliness and safety. People use the ferry you’re piloting to get to work and to their appointments, so you will be held to a strict schedule all day long. In other words, this is not a leisure cruise.

You have a wealth of knowledge regarding the local wind patterns, the weather in general, the tide schedule, and the currents. This impressive expertise allows you to command other ferry workers, telling them where to steer, and what to do regarding safety and operation. You are careful to avoid other crafts, reefs, docks, and any other navigational hazards.

If you love the outdoors, especially the water, and if you’re a pro at the scientific aspect of piloting, taking into account weather patterns and geometry when steering, as well as the leadership responsibilities that come with being the Pilot, then this could be a great career for you. You should also have some patience, and really love the work for what it is, because after weeks, months, maybe years of piloting the same course, the work has the potential to become monotonous.

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