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Ferry Engineer

Take control of the maintenance and operation of a ferryboat's engines.

What does a Ferry Engineer do?

A Ferry Engineer is in charge of the operation and maintenance of a ferryboat’s engines. As a Ferry Engineer, you work on the ferry, riding along on boat trips, though you do much of your work while docked at port. Needless to say, you should love boats and traveling, and you should have your sea legs because you’ll be spending a lot of your time on the water.

Your daily activities as a Ferry Engineer vary depending on the maintenance required, but generally, you’re the person in charge of keeping the ferry running at peak performance. You make sure that enough fuel is loaded, and that the fuel lines are running smoothly. You should only take the amount necessary for the trip in order to minimize the load on the boat. You also see to it that the ferry’s main engines are working properly.

You report to the Chief Ferry Engineer now, but with enough experience, you might find yourself taking over the boss’s position. In that role, you’ll have the added responsibilities of managing the other Engineers, watching over the crew’s operations, and taking charge of the auxiliary machinery like the engines, boilers, deck machinery, and electrical, sanitary, and refrigeration equipment on board.

This job gives you the opportunity to travel and work with your hands, heavy machinery, and tools. You’re part of the very important crew that literally keeps the whole operation afloat.