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Fermenting Cellars Receiver

Operate pumps that add yeasts to worts.

What does a Fermenting Cellars Receiver do?

Operates pumps that add yeast to wort, following standard instructions: Turns spigot to drain yeast from pressurized yeast tub into yeast wagon, or starts pump to transfer yeast from storage tank to yeast brink. Connects wort and starting tank lines. Signals PUMPER, BREWERY or starts pump to transfer wort from storage to starting tanks. Mixes yeast and wort, using paddle and connects wagon and wort lines, or opens valve on brink tank to transfer yeast mixture or yeast to wort in starting tank. Observes flow dials and pressure gauges to ensure that specified ratio of yeast to wort is maintained. Opens starting tank valve to obtain sample for laboratory analysis. May pump pure yeast culture, prepared by YEAST-CULTURE DEVELOPER, from sterile barrels through successive yeast culture tanks to permit further cultivation of yeast prior to adding it to wort and be designated Culture-Room Worker.