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Fence Installer



Construct and maintain fences and fence gates.

What does a Fence Installer do?

They say, “Good fences make good neighbors,” but who makes the fences? A Fence Installer—that’s who.

As a Fence Installer, you put up partitions of all kinds: wood or metal, chain-link or louvered, even the classic “white picket fence.” People rely on fences to add security to their property, beautify their surroundings, delineate property lines, or all three at once. Whatever the customer needs, you figure out how best to make it happen.

Fence Installers talk with customers, survey areas, aid in making designs, and finally install the fence. Fences can be found in almost any setting, and so too can the Fence Installer: private properties, government areas, highways, protected wildlife areas, pet kennels—you name it. If it needs a fence, you’ll be there. It’s also your job to make sure that wherever you’re installing a fence, the area above and below ground is free of danger (gas lines, electric cables, water, etc.).

Your job takes place outdoors, so you should love the weather in all its forms. Working with your hands, shaping and lifting heavy building materials, and operating digging equipment (often a shovel!) are all things that you do every day. You work as part of a team, taking orders from a Supervisor.

You should know how to read directions and physical specs well, and cooperate with others. Fence building is a hands-on, all-day event, so you need a big appetite for physical activity. But the sense of satisfaction you get from seeing a well-erected fence makes it all worthwhile.

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