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Feldenkrais Teacher

Give exercise lessons following the Feldenkrais method.

What does a Feldenkrais Teacher do?

A Feldenkrais Teacher guides students through the Feldenkrais method. When you’re a Feldenkrais Teacher, your goal is to improve your students’ flexibility and mind-body connection. Classes and individual lessons are composed of specially formulated movement exercises designed to expand the students’ awareness of their neuromuscular pathways. By carefully observing their own movements, Feldenkrais students learn to go beyond their limitations, and you help them get there.

Students who come to Feldenkrais classes have a variety of backgrounds. Some are dealing with chronic pain or limited movement, while others are recovering from disease or injury. There are also plenty of “healthy” people just looking to expand their minds and mobility. As a Feldenkrais Teacher, you adapt your classes and lessons to fit each person, their unique needs, and their abilities.

Of course, Feldenkrais is all about learning about oneself and going beyond prior limitations. For this reason, you must learn early on how to read and understand people; make deep, meaningful connections; and give your students the encouragement and support they need to help themselves. How and when you do this is up to you.

You can work in a school or exercise facility, where you have a set schedule and a constant flow of group classes and private students. Or, you can move from studio to studio, sometimes teaching many people, other times handling a solo session, but always creating a schedule that works for you and pays the bills.