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Feed Grinder

Tend machines that grind grains, hays, and corncobs for poultry feeds.

What does a Feed Grinder do?

Tends machines that grind, cut, crimp, shell, or roll grain, hay, corncobs, chaff, and screenings for stock and poultry feed: Opens chute to regulate flow of grain into machine or pitches hay and corncobs into machine hopper. Starts machine and adjusts control to regulate speed, according to fineness of grind specified. May tend separator that cleans grain prior to grinding or to sift ground grain. May start conveyors and elevators to transfer processed feed to storage or packing machine bins. May fill sacks and weigh them on platform scale. May be designated according to machine tended as Corn-Cutter Operator; Corn-Sheller Operator; Crimper Operator; Crusher-Machine Operator; Hammer-Mill Operator; Rolled-Oats-Mill Operator.