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Federal Examiner



Ensure that all banks obey Federal Reserve rules.

What does a Federal Examiner do?

Anyone who has a checking account, savings account, or loan from their local bank relies on the Federal Reserve to make sure those accounts are safely maintained. That’s the job of the Federal Reserve. And it’s your job as a Federal Examiner to make sure each bank in the system follows protocol, operates in a responsible manner, and obeys federal regulations.

To fulfill your obligations as a Federal Examiner, you travel to branches in your region and perform audits. You gather transaction histories and loan documents, and review them with a fine-toothed comb.

If anything sparks a red flag, you dig deeper to uncover improprieties or mistakes. Then you handle them. If a mistake is found in the processing of a loan, for example, you might order a refund to the customer, or send a letter explaining the error and any corrective action required by the customer.

When a breach of compliance is uncovered, it’s the Federal Examiner’s responsibility to apply the proper discipline. That might include a fine, a more frequent schedule for audits, improved training, or even criminal charges. If the case does end up in court, you may be called to testify on your findings.

In addition to scouring loan documents, you assess the risk management of the branch, review daily operations (such as dual custody for the vault and ATM), attend informational meetings with Bank Managers and CEOs, write reports, and evaluate the bank’s financial standing.

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