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Feature Writer



Write in-depth articles for magazines, papers, or websites.

What does a Feature Writer do?

While early man told stories on cave walls, modern man tells them on websites and in apps. Whether on rocks or iPhones, your job as a Feature Writer is using the written word to tell true stories that inform, entertain and persuade.

A feature story typically is a long, in-depth article that’s written using a mix of news writing and narrative storytelling techniques. That makes the Feature Writer a Nonfiction Writer who’s writing in the style of a Fiction Writer. Your job as a Feature Writer, therefore, is presenting facts, but in a way that’s equally creative and informative.

Like other Journalists, you spend your days researching, reporting and writing. You’ll use the Internet, for instance, to study your subject. You’ll then interview expert sources to find out “who, what, where, when and how.” And finally, you’ll draft an article for publication — most often in magazines, but also in newspapers and on websites.

If they were news stories, your articles would be short and to the point, including only facts and third-person accounts; because they’re features, however, they might also include first-person observations, descriptive details, a more complicated structure and storytelling elements that are common to fiction, like character, setting and conflict.

You’re most likely a freelance Writer. In addition to writing articles, therefore, you also “pitch” them, which requires developing your own ideas and selling them to Editors, who’ll commonly pay you by the word to write them. Either way — on staff or on contract — you write articles that are unique, compelling and colorful, but still factual and educational.

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