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FBI Field Agent

Perform fieldwork to solve federal crimes.

What does a FBI Field Agent do?

FBI Field Agents work on site at physical locations to collect evidence and enforce federal laws. You are employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is a branch of the United States Department of Justice. Much of the work the FBI needs to solve a case must be done in the field, which is why FBI Field Agents like you are particularly important.

As an FBI Field Agent, you come into direct contact with criminals more often than FBI Agents tasked with investigative work do. These Agents do things like analyzing crime patterns, searching for hidden clues in case files, and examining fingerprint evidence. On the other hand, you’re the one who makes arrests and hauls dangerous offenders into the office for questioning.

Because you work right where the action takes place, your job is also more dangerous. Sometimes, you will be assigned to go undercover for long periods of time. Assuming a fake name and sometimes a disguise, you will infiltrate a criminal organization and immerse yourself into their culture like a chameleon. Over time, you’ll get to know the perpetrators and learn how they commit their crimes. Then, the overwhelming amount of information you collect will send dozens of bad guys to the slammer. If your cover gets blown, however, you risk being physically harmed or even killed.

Also, be prepared to see the dark side of human nature up close and personal. In addition to going undercover, you’ll collect evidence directly from crime scenes, which can be brutal and bloody. Take advantage of counseling services when you need them. Even though you work hard, no one expects you to be made of steel.