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FBI Agent



Make sure federal laws are followed.

What does a FBI Agent do?

FBI Agents enforce federal laws, and protect the United States from terrorist attacks. As an FBI Agent, you work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is a branch of the U.S. Department of Justice. You investigate a range of crimes–everything from tax fraud and cyber crimes to civil rights violations and public corruption. To do this, you analyze evidence, interview witnesses, organize raids and conduct surveillance using wiretaps.

There’s no such thing as a typical day in the life of an FBI Agent. You can be asked to travel anywhere on assignment and must be able to do so at a moment’s notice. Some days, you might investigate the misdeeds of national criminal organizations like the mafia. Other assignments might find you leading local police departments in kidnapping or extortion cases where federal laws have been broken.

However, preventing terrorism is the Bureau’s top priority, which means no matter what you’re working on, if a terror threat looms, you will fly back to your home base in Washington, D.C. to get new orders.

Just like on television police dramas, FBI Agents can take over entire investigations from local law enforcement agencies with a simple flip of their badge. No explanation required. Luckily, you don’t let the power get to your head because with this great power comes great responsibility.

As an FBI Agent, you are one of the top Police Officers in the country. You must always be completely impartial, allowing Lawyers, Judges, and juries to analyze the legal ramifications of the evidence you collect, no matter how serious the crime.

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