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Fast Food Worker

Provide food to the hungry masses in a quick, efficient, and friendly way.

What does a Fast Food Worker do?

A Fast Food Worker provides food to the hungry masses (and often screaming children) in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way. Fast food has grown in popularity throughout the years because of the convenience and mass appeal of the products. As a Fast Food Worker, you prepare and sell this food, and keep the restaurant clean, too.

Whether working the drive-through window or behind the cash register, a Fast Food Worker needs excellent communication skills. You’re the first (and sometimes only) person customers interact with when they’re ordering food, so you must be able to answer questions, handle complaints, and process orders in a friendly and coherent manner. Keeping the smile on your face and in your voice throughout the interaction is mandatory in this job.

Basic reading and mathematics skills are also necessary regardless of the position you hold in the restaurant. For example, you may not be handling money at the cash register, but you must be able to read (and follow) instructions while cooking French fries or chicken nuggets behind the scenes.

Physical strength and stamina are required as well because you’re expected to stand for several hours during your shift, while also bending, twisting, reaching, and lifting up to 50 pounds repeatedly. However, the smiles on children’s faces as you hand them their food and the laughter among friends as they gather in the corner booth are certain to outweigh any temper tantrums you may witness throughout the day.