Fast Food Manager

Manage fast foods or wholesale prepared food establishments.

What does a Fast Food Manager do?

A Fast Food Manager serves good food, fast. At once a steward of quality and speedy service, the Fast Food Manager accomplishes that by acting as a Supervisor in charge of people and processes.

In the world of fast food restaurants it’s believed that “speed” and “quality” don’t have to be mutually exclusive. When you’re a Fast Food Manager, that’s the challenge you face every day.

Whether your restaurant serves burgers, chicken, sandwiches, tacos, or pizza, you’re hired by a Restaurant Owner —often a franchisee—to help him or her execute and delegate everyday responsibilities related to running the business. Your typical responsibilities, for instance, encompass human resources, operational, and financial responsibilities.

On the human resources side, you hire, schedule, train, evaluate, discipline, and fire employees. On the operational side, you order ingredients and supplies, ensure food safety, and oversee equipment repairs and facility maintenance. On the financial side, meanwhile, you do budgeting and sales tracking, and ensure great customer service by listening to and resolving customer complaints.

At the end of the day, you’re like a mini Restaurateur: Although you don’t own the restaurant it’s your job as the Fast Food Manager to turn your favorite lunch spot into a successful business!