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Fast Food Cook



Make burgers, fries, and milkshakes with speed and accuracy.

What does a Fast Food Cook do?

America is famous for the Statue of Liberty, football, and the Grand Canyon. But she’s also known for her hamburgers and fried chicken. McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken are as common as bees at a picnic. Lunchtime, two a.m., or drive-thru dinner on the way to baseball practice-as a Fast Food Cook, you spend your days fulfilling those cravings for french fries, tacos, Egg McMuffins, and chicken strips.

Being a Fast Food Cook requires you to be on the ball. Orders stack up as quickly as the front counter can process them, so you pay attention to which ticket comes in first. You time the burgers on the grill, sink the fries into oil, and prepare the buns with the proper condiments. If you don’t work with burgers, you might make sandwiches, put together burritos, or cook up fish and chips. Whatever you prepare as a Fast Food Cook, you do it quickly with attention to detail.

The customer is in a hurry and looking for a quick meal, but they also want it prepared accurately and just the way they expect it. This means that you need to produce food that is consistent from one meal to the next. In addition to speed, accuracy, and consistency, you need the ability to stay focused under pressure, and the desire to produce quality results. This job may be a stepping stone into another position or a career in the culinary arts, so take pride in your work.

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