Fashion Technical Director

Manage the process of turning fashion designs into actual clothes.

What does a Fashion Technical Director do?

Technical Director is a broad title that is used in many industries, and generally refers to someone who has specialized training and who can provide technical support and supervision. In the fashion industry, a Fashion Technical Director is in charge of ensuring that garment designs are translated into stellar products.

As a Fashion Technical Director, you work closely with Fashion Designers in turning their vision and sketches into mass producible parts. You’ll consider factors such as cost, production methods (hand or machine stitching?), timelines, and even fabric layout patterns. Translating a fashion sketch into these various parts requires extensive knowledge of all aspects of the design process, from fabrics to fabric cutting machines.

Once you have your ideas laid out, you supervise your team of Technical Designers and Patternmakers in conducting fittings and perfecting the prototype for mass production. Your word is supreme at this stage, and you’ll sign off on samples and final products alike.

To do this job successfully, you must have both technical knowledge and managerial abilities. The combination of these skills allows you to know when the technical designs are done right, ensure they are done on time, and convince the fashion designer to sign off on them.

Fashion Technical Directors often work freelance and are hired through an agency. This gives you the opportunity to work with all kinds of people. And because most apparel is produced in Asia, you will likely have the opportunity to travel.