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Fashion Stylist



Choose clothes and accessories for celebrities.

What does a Fashion Stylist do?

A Fashion Stylist is paid to create or compose a visual image through the use of clothes and accessories. As a Fashion Stylist, you dress Models and film stars, manage photo shoots, and create outfits for music videos using as little fabric as possible. You spend your days matching clothes and shoes, while being paid for the quality of your fashion sense.

To make it in this position you need a great sense of style that you couple with a sense of fit, a familiarity with this season’s trends, and the ability to pair colors and textures. Your major industries as a Fashion Stylist are TV, magazines, music and film, but you can also work anywhere that someone will pay for fashion advice. Daily tasks can include steaming garments, arranging outfits for quick changes at a fashion show, or going shopping with a client’s credit card to gather necessary pieces.

As wonderful as this all sounds, it isn’t entirely glamorous. You will work long days, waking up early to pack your car with racks full of clothing and accessories. You show up on location hours before your client, who will inevitably have their own fashion opinions which you must talk down or incorporate. It is a very competitive industry. Before you can deal with the temper tantrums of celebrities, you will spend a lot of time dressing window Models and placating daddy’s little princess for her 16th birthday party.

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