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Fashion Show Producer



Oversee the design, marketing and coordination of fashion shows.

What does a Fashion Show Producer do?

Although both have runways, fashion shows and airports are nothing alike. One’s got models and couture. The other has security and delays. One thing is certain though: If airports were run by fashion show producers, travelers would always arrive on time—and looking fabulous.

Like film, TV, or radio producers, fashion show producers are in charge of both business and entertainment. It’s your job to not only plan the event, but also to manage and execute it, on schedule and on budget.

What you do depends on the day because you do it all. In addition to selecting the show’s fashions, it’s your responsibility to set a date, find and secure a venue, meet and communicate with clients, hire and manage staff, source vendors, promote and market the show, book models, collaborate with fashion stylists, manage the schedule, design the seating chart, and serve as host to guests. Simply put: Your job is everything.

You may produce a major show for a major fashion designer during a Fashion Week event. Or you may produce a small charity or trunk show. But you’ll always be busy, working as much from the road as from the office.

In addition to a fashion background—without the “fashion” you have no “show”—you need excellent people skills for dealing with high-ego designers and models.

Without your amazing management expertise, no fashion show would get off the ground. You’re ready for whatever 11th-hour catastrophe might strike—whether it’s a missing model, torn dress, or unfortunate panty lines.

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