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Fashion Retail Merchandiser

Stock up a store with fashion items.

What does a Fashion Retail Merchandiser do?

A Fashion Retail Merchandiser is responsible for the pricing, presentation, and sales of apparel and accessories. As a Fashion Retail Merchandiser, you help decide what clothes will be stocked, run the numbers for how each unit should be priced, and decide how things will be displayed within the overall design of the store.

Do not confuse a Fashion Retail Merchandiser position with a sales floor position, it is very different job and holds much more responsibility. Daily duties include working with manufacturers and Fashion Buyers to select appropriate items, choosing how many of each item to buy, inventorying and pricing the chosen items, and setting up display designs around the store. So for example you might order 1,000 green, wool, v-neck sweaters from a well-known Fashion Designer, and 1,000 blue, crew-neck sweaters from an unknown Designer. To help the latter sell better, you place that product at the front corner of the store paired with a popular brand of jeans.

So as a Fashion Retail Merchandiser you use design and financial analysis to maximize profit at a retail store. Although this job is traditionally associated with physical stores, you hold the same duties in online venues.