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Fashion Journalist



Follow international clothes and accessories trends for papers or websites.

What does a Fashion Journalist do?

Journalism is about researching and reporting news and information from around the world. Since fashion is as much a part of society as science or food, Fashion Journalists have carved out a niche in the journalism industry. It’s the job of the Fashion Journalist to keep up to date with the fashion industry, attend events, and write, write, write.

As a Fashion Journalist, you hunt down the newest fads, the fashion trends of the season, and the hottest news within the industry. That might mean gathering the scoop on a major Fashion Designer, following the life and times of Fashion Models, or investigating the techniques used to make certain types of material.

Fashion is more than handbags and shoes. It’s an image, a story, a history, and a statement. You bring that to life and present it to the viewing (or reading) audience. That might be through magazine articles, newspaper clips, television shows, online blogs, radio interviews, or any combination of those things.

In order to gather the photographs for the magazine cover and information for the feature article inside, you travel to fashion shows. It might be a local event or it might require a ticket to Paris, but wherever you are, you conduct interviews with Models, Designers, and industry insiders. You gather information, do research, assist with pictorial layouts, and present it all in interesting, enthusiastic, and visually enticing ways.

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