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Fashion Editor



Decide what fashion trends a magazine will feature.

What does a Fashion Editor do?

If you’ve ever seen , then you know what a fashion editor does—just imagine it without the attitude. Fashion editors work in magazines, at television shows, or on websites deciding what their company will feature as that season’s next big thing, and how that next big thing will be presented in their publication.

Your job as a fashion editor begins months before an issue comes out. So if you’re working on the new trends for summer, expect to be looking at swimwear and skirts in December. To decide the trends you’ll look at designer showcases and runway shows to figure out what the options are for the upcoming season. Then you’ll talk to stores to find out what sells well.

From this research you create an overall vision for what your publication will feature, then create story ideas and photo shoots that will present the clothing in the best possible way.

Perhaps surprisingly, editors for the most part don’t generally write outside of a quick Letter from the Editor or other type of editorial. But you will be the one to hand out article assignments to freelance writers or editorial assistants.

Even though you won’t be doing a lot of writing, you need to be good at communicating: You communicate with fashion designers and retailers, plus deal with models, stylists and photographers. And as you’re in charge of everything that makes its way into the publication, you’ll read over every article written and decide if and how it can be improved.

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